• Assofix HE:

    Assofix HE dyes are bis-monochlorotriazine class of reactive dyes. Assofix HE is the high performance series for High Temperature Exhaust Dyeing.

    Advantages For Customers:

    • Highly productive full range of dyestuffs
    • Excellent brilliance of the shades
    • Very high fixation rate leads to high color yield
    • Outstanding performance in levelness & reproducibility
    • Highly suitable for post mercerization
    • Stable at high temperature & hence highly suitable for one bath cotton/polyester blends
    • Ease of washing and very good all round fastness properties
    • High Color Yield and very good build-up help to dye heavy shades very easily
    • High fixation rate leads to save water and less effluent load
    • Desired fastness can be achieved

    Range Of Products:

    • Assofix Yellow HE6G
    • Assofix Yellow HE4G
    • Assofix G.Yellow HER
    • Assofix Yellow HE4R
    • Assofix Orange HER
    • Assofix Red HE3B
    • Assofix Red HE7B
    • Assofix Red HE8B
    • Assofix Brilliant Blue HERD
    • Assofix Navy Blue HER