High Fixation Dyes ( TEMP. 55° - 65° C )

  • Assofix AS:

    Assofix AS is newly developed reactive dyes range for dyeing medium to dark shades. Outstanding build-up property, of thisrange, helps to achieve very dark shades liks Browns, Maroons, Blacks on cost advantages. Excellent reproducibility and easy wash-off meet today’s quality requirements. Exhaust dyeing, Continuous Dyeing and Cold Pad Batch are the suitable applications of this range.

    Range Of Products:

    • Assofix Yellow AS3R
    • Assofix Orange ASR
    • Assofix Red AS2B
    • Assofix Deep Red ASB
    • Assofix Dark Blue ASGL
    • Assofix Navy ASG
    • Assofix Navy AS2G
  • Assofix AGB:

    Assofix AGB dyes contain two or more than two different types of reactive groups in each dye molecule & are having moderate to higher substantivity suitable for exhaust dyeing. Assofix AGB dyes help the dyer to achieve deeper and darker shades that are difficult to achieve with other conventional reactive dyes at medium temperatures.

    Advantages For Customers:

    • Controlled reactivity gives very good reproducibility
    • Excellent brilliance of the shades
    • Very good build-up in medium to dark shades
    • Good light fastness in pale shades
    • Possess very good other fastness properties
    • High fixation rate leads to save water and less effluent load

    Range Of Products:

    • Assofix Ultra Yellow AGB
    • Assofix Yellow AGB
    • Assofix Orange AGB
    • Assofix Ultra Red AGB
    • Assofix Red AGB
    • Assofix Blue AGB
    • Assofix Navy AGB
    • Assofix Deep Black AGB