Cold Exhaust Dyeing(TEMP. 25° - 35° C)

  • Assofix M:

    Assofix M dyes are Di-chloro Triazine class of reactive dyes. They are highly reactive and hence can be applied at very low temperature. Assofix M dyes are quite useful in the field where heating facility is not available.

    Advantages For Customers:

    • Highly Productive full range of products
    • Excellent brilliance of shades
    • Economical applications
    • Good all round fastness properties

    Range Of Products:

    • Assofix Yellow M8G
    • Assofix Yellow M4G
    • Assofix Yellow MGR
    • Assofix Yellow M4R
    • Assofix Orange M2R
    • Assofix Red M5B
    • Assofix Red M8B
    • Assofix Magenta MB
    • Assofix Violet M4R
    • Assofix Blue MR
    • Assofix Blue M2R
    • Assofix Blue M3R
    • Assofix Blue M4GD