R & D

R & D is main part of any organization to achieve the strategic goals as against the fierce global market place; successful utilization of the R & D resources is a key factor. We are glad to let it be known that our R & D efforts confirm to highest quality standards.

R&D Cell functions on two clear exploratory guidelines:

  • Innovate and create new products or new versions of existing products, in response to market trends and demands.
  • Improve existing processes to achieve optimum cost-effectiveness for internal and external customers.

Over the years, we have built a team of highly qualified professionals with vast experience in the science and technology of Dyes Synthesis, and driven by an objective of continuous technological improvement.

The R&D laboratory features equipment such as Mini Reactors with Stirrers, Pilot Reverse Osmosis System and Drying Units, to replicate mass production processes accurately.

In response to customer requirements, Our R&D team is now making a foray into the manufacture of low salt and echo-friendly dyes. Environment-friendly technologies and processes are being adopted by the company, with this specific objective.