Global Presence

Making global presence is not a cake walk. We really know the difficulties in making a strong global presence in the market of reactive dyes. Being one of the well said manufactures of reactive dyes in India. We entered to the world market as a result of our strong efforts.

We serve the market with quality dyes at affordable rates and the response and feedback from our home customers and clients was the real source of inspiration behind making our global presence. At present we are exporting REACTIVE DYES & PHTHALOCYANINE PIGMENTS to more than 20 countries in the world.

We always give supreme importance to our worldwide clients in colouring the world. Even though we grow big and big as banyan tree, we never forget the fact that our journey started from a small seed. With this awareness we assure our clients that they would be pleased and satisfied beyond the limits in terms of quality, rates and delivery terms.

We have never ending thirst for creating new versions of existing products and fresh & fine innovative products in accordance with the market trends, needs and demands. This is what makes our clients to watch our products with wonder. We take maximum efforts to achieve optimum cost-effectiveness to serve the world with affordable products.